None of this is fair

Hank Willis Thomas and Dr. Special hours during Miami Art Week, currenly closed for installation. Each of the 20 artists will be represented by multiple works in their own room. The exhibition will include new large-scale paintings created by Jonathan Lyndon Chase during his off-site residency.

None of this is fair

Why should I offer up unto her name The sweetest sacrifice my youth can make?

Every idea has the power to shape our world

Why should I strive to make her live forever, That never deigns to give me joy to live? If her defects have purchased her this fame, What should her virtues do, her smiles, her love? If this her worst, how should her best inflame? What passions would her milder favors move?

Favors, I think, would sense quite overcome, And that makes happy lovers ever dumb. Men do not weigh the stalk for that it was, When once they find her flower, her glory, pass.

None of this is fair

This may remain thy lasting monument, Which happily posterity may cherish; These colors with thy fading are not spent, These may remain when thou and I shall perish. If they remain, then thou shalt live thereby; They will remain, and so thou canst not die.

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And I, though born within a colder clime, Do feel mine inward heat as great I know itHe never had more faith, although more rhyme; I love as well, though he could better show it.

But I may add one feather to thy fame, To help her flight throughout the fairest isle, And if my pen could more enlarge thy name, Then shouldst thou live in an immortal style. For though that Laura better limned be, Suffice, thou shalt be loved as well as she.

Now show thy power and where thy virtue lies; To save thine own, stretch out the fairest hand.

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For God forbid I should my papers blot With mercenary lines, with servile pen, Praising virtues in them that have them not, Basely attending on the hopes of men. No, no, my verse respects nor Thames nor theaters, Nor seeks it to be known unto the great; But Avon, poor in fame and poor in waters, Shall have my song, where Delia hath her seat.

Avon shall be my Thames and she my song; No other prouder brooks shall hear my wrong. If this be love, to live a living death, Then do I love and draw this weary breath.Country Fair Homes can help you find mobile homes in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Greenville, NC.

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The American 19th century music of Stephen Collins Foster (). OVERVIEW If possible, plan on spending at least four days at Miami Art Week, as the week is flush with opportunities to mix, mingle; and, of course, feast one's eyes on an incredible array of .

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