Gilbert grape essay

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Gilbert grape essay

Teachers can modify the movie worksheets to fit the needs of each class. What is eating Gilbert Grape? Answer for the time, up until his mother dies. There are many ways to express the answer Gilbert grape essay of which can be turned into a discussion of a theme from the film.

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Strong responses include the following. Students will undoubtedly come up with more.


Gilbert's mother has abdicated her role as caregiver and placed the responsibility for Arnie and many parental roles on Gilbert.

The limitations of small town life.

Gilbert grape essay

The fact that to be self-fulfilled, Gilbert needs to leave home and start living his own life. The fact that Gilbert, in Arnie's words, is "shrinking". The fact that "we aren't going any where". Many people are using Gilbert for their own purposes: Carver uses him for sex and for relief from her monotonous lonely life; Mr.

Gilbert grape essay

Carver wants to sell him life-insurance; even Gilbert's boss asks for reassurance that customers will come back to the grocery store. There is a theme in this film that has very little to do with Gilbert, what is it?

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This theme relates to the changes to Gilbert's community. The Food Land store is putting the small grocery in which Gilbert works out of business by offering products that the small grocery cannot offer, such as live lobsters in a tank or cakes made to order.

But something is lost in this new way of doing business such as deliveries and personal relationships. Also, fast food is coming to Endora under the name Burger Barn. It will put a dent in the business of the diner where Gilbert goes to meet his friends. The coming of new businesses to the town point out the inevitability of change, that change may not be completely for the better, and that it is best to make adjustments.

Several motifs tie the story together and point in the direction of theme. Name one of these motifs and explain its value in the story. There are several important motifs in the film. Describe Gilbert's feelings toward Arnie.The character of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark was created in for Elvira’s Movie Macabre but the character became widespread and extremely popular – not to mention profitable – in the late s and throughout the s.

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