A biography of the life and times of nicholas ferrar

Nicholas Ferrar was assumed to be born in I have found that his most probable birth date was in February of

A biography of the life and times of nicholas ferrar

At the age of four he was sent to a nearby school, and is said to have been reading perfectly by the age of five. He was confirmed by the Bishop of London incontriving to have the bishop lay hands on him twice. He was elected a fellow-commoner at the end of his first year, took his B.

Ferrar suffered from poor health and was advised to travel to continental Europeand away from the damp air of Cambridge. In April he left England with the princess, not returning until By May he had left the Court to travel alone.

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He studied at Leipzig and especially at Paduawhere he continued his medical studies. He met Anabaptists and Roman Catholicsincluding Jesuits and Oratoriansas well as Jewsbroadening his religious education.

During this time Ferrar recorded many adventures in his letters home to his family and friends. In he is said to have had a vision that he was needed at home, and so he returned to England.

Upon returning to London, Ferrar found that the family fortunes, primarily invested in Virginia, were under threat. They were part of the parliamentary faction the "country party" or "patriot party" that seized control of the government's finances from a rival "court faction.

Smythe was treasurer of the Virginia Company from to ; he encouraged the governor to end evangelisation of Native Americans and expand tobacco culture.

Ferrar served briefly as Member of Parliament for Lymington from The household was centred on the Ferrar family: Nicholas's mother, his brother John Ferrar with his wife Bathsheba and their childrenand his sister Susanna and her husband John Collett and their children.

They bought the manor of Little Gidding and restored the abandoned little church for their use. The household always had someone at prayer and had a strict routine. They tended to the health and education of local children.

Ferrar and his family produced harmonies of the gospels that survive today as some of the finest in Britain. Many of the family also learned the art of bookbindingapparently from the daughter of a Cambridge bookbinder, which style they worked in.

Ferrar arranged to publish them that year. Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations had eight editions by After his siblings John Ferrar and Susanna Ferrar Collett died in within a month of each other, the larger community began to disband.

Puritans criticised the life of the Ferrar household, denouncing them as Arminiansand saying they lived as in a "Protestant nunnery". However, the Ferrars never lived a formal religious life: In this sense there was no "community" at Little Gidding, but rather a family living a Christian life in accordance with the Book of Common Prayeraccording to High Church principles.

The fame of the Ferrar household was widespread, and attracted many visitors. He briefly took refuge there in after the Battle of Naseby.

Legacy and honours[ edit ] " Easter Wings ", an example of the " pattern poems " in George Herbert 's The Temple, a book which Ferrar edited and had published.

The lines of the poem were arranged to be printed sideways, with each stanza forming an image meant to suggest a bird flying up with outstretched wings. The Friends of Little Gidding was founded in by Alan Maycock with the patronage of Eliot, to maintain and adorn the church at Little Gidding, and honour the life of Ferrar and his family and their place in the village.

A new religious community was founded at Little Gidding in the s, inspired by the example of Ferrar.My thanks are due to Miss Ireland Blackburns for valuable assistance in connection with this book, and to the Editor of the Guardian for per mission to reprint some of the chapters which had already appeared as articles in the columns of that journal.

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Nicholas Ferrar, born in , was the founder of a religious community that lasted from to After Nicholas had been ordained as a deacon, he and his family and a few friends retired to Little Gidding, Huntingdonshire, England, to devote themselves to a life of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving (Matthew ,5,16).

Charles I, who held Ferrar in great esteem, visited Little Gidding three times.

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After Ferrar’s death the community continued to observe the “rule of Little Gidding” for 20 years. After Ferrar’s death the community continued to observe the “rule of Little Gidding” for 20 years.

He became friends with Nicholas Ferrar, who had founded a religious community at nearby Little Gidding, and devoted himself to his rural parish and the reconstruction of his church.

A biography of the life and times of nicholas ferrar

Throughout his life he wrote poems, and from his deathbed he sent a manuscript volume to Ferrar, asking him to. This is a biography of Nicholas Ferrar (–) and his family, focusing on his background, his education and the experiences that shaped his ministry, as well as the circumstances that brought the family to the village of Little Gidding in Cambridgeshire.

The Life and Times of Nicholas Ferrar